Acceptance and Appreciation is Key

August 2

“Make people think, smile or laugh any chance you get.” — ME

July 31

“I’d love to recreate Rupert as a stuffed animal, so we can squish him as much as we want….it’s possible.” — My Mom

July 31

July 24

Love Yourself First

When I lie awake at night, you are what I think about

The big lights, the big stars

I dream the same dream since I was a little girl

I can see the potential  in her eyes, the stars shine bright in her eyes

But the thing that shines the most is her heart. She has the biggest heart

She has a love for this dream

Her heart grows with the love that it is given. She wants to share it with the world

Her heart is strong and it carries so much

But her heart needs love to stay alive

Her heart needs dreams to continue to grow

She carries too much sometimes, her heart is teaching a lesson

The most important lesson

love yourself first

July 17

Fave song of the day

July 15

“When you were 2 you used to run around yelling ‘look at my bottom, look at my bottom’. You still have the cutest bottom.” — My Mom

July 15

“Treat everyone you meet with the same respect. After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box.”

July 4

“Sometimes I think we should put a camera in the room and watch it at the end of the week for feedback. Guaranteed one person will provide entertainment, guess who that person is!” — My Mom

June 8

Fave song of the day

June 5

Fave song of the day

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